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Maiven: The App That Playfully Connects You to Your Budget

There have normally been two kinds of apps: the kind which are for productivity and those which are for entertainment. Maiven is challenging that notion with a new way to play games. Mobile games have long been thought of as huge time wasters, but a new genre of games has emerged. With the newfound understanding of gamification, Maiven has erupted onto the scene with a vision for your financial future. Maiven is developing an app where you must fight for your life as you battle your own daily expense monsters.

While some apps help you achieve savings goals, cancel unnecessary subscriptions, or simply see all accounts in one place, Maiven is a different kind of beast. Maiven is crafting a monstrous game where you are fighting just that, monsters! We all have guilty pleasures or monsters we try to hide under the bed. For some, it’s spending too much money on impulsive shopping sprees; for others, it’s binging on those $4 Lattes. Whatever it may be, Maiven helps you visualize your spending habits. Here’s how!

The Mobile Game

In a dark, yet surprisingly vibrant dreamworld all is at peace. Then, a lone fox appears. It becomes increasingly clear that the fox is being hunted by waves of colorful monsters. Each round of monsters is different from the last. Something is off about these baddies. These creatures are strangely related to your spending. The monsters seem adorable at first, but don’t let them fool you. You’ll be quickly reprimanded for trying to pet the food monster (believe me I’ve tried). In order to survive the fox must shoot itself through each round. Destroying its foes, the fox shoots in every which way to rid the round of the wretched monsters. Letting the monsters get too close to you, they will attack you and depending on your powerups, you will lose.

How do these monsters gain power? The more money you spend in real life on any particular category, the more powerful that wave of monsters will become. If you were to spend 40% more on groceries this week you would be up against much tougher food monsters than last week’s. Using your own purchases against you creates a game where you are your own worst enemy. Sure there are monsters that stand in place of your decisions, but ultimately I can only blame myself when I am in a David and Goliath type situation against my clothing monsters.

Staying the course on your spending habits will not make the game any easier, but acquiring power ups can. You can attain some powerups after killing random monsters who drop random items like: extra life, 3 ball shooter, or a shield. These power ups can increase your invincibility for a time. The ultimate player however, will be one who is willing to spend less and utilize power ups to their advantage. Instead of using goals like trying to save enough money to fund your spring break trip, Maiven inspires you to consider how your buying will affect your gameplay difficulty. This alternative method of thinking creates an environment which is more in tune with your psyche and in turn encourages you to be continuously aware of your buying trends.

Introducing a competitive edge to the game, the leaderboard showcases the top players in the world. You can compete against your friends and see who is the king or queen of their budget. The longer you manage to last each round, the higher your score will rise. In today’s modern era of competition, you can showcase your gaming skills as well as the ability to save your cash at the same time. Whether you are saving money to build your rainy day fund, buy that new TV, or just because you think it could come in hand later, regardless, Maiven checks all of these boxes.

The Budget App

With a game this fun, Maiven surprises users with its productivity. By encouraging players to get involved in their spending habits, Maiven is creating a financial access point to young people never before seen. Allowing young people to desirably learn about their budget has always been Maiven’s primary goal. After players have established themselves in the game, they should come away with three achievements. The first goal being, users becoming aware of their spending habits. Unless you are already occupied with absorbing your monthly bank statement chances are you are not aware of how much money you are spending. Maiven tosses the user into the deep end with categorical monsters looking to destroy your round each game. Finding yourself caught up in a wave of food monsters? You’ll discover you should spend less on food and perhaps save that money for later. The second goal is that users will improve their habits in the long term. It is easier to save that $20 today, but can you save $5 monthly? Once users have established that they are overspending on whichever category applies to them, they can hopefully practically apply this knowledge to their lives. A changed spending habit will greatly impact your budget. Last but never least, Maiven wants users to feel supported and connected to other players as they fly towards their goals. Saving money can be fun, and what better way to learn how than by encouraging some good old fashioned competition? Challenge yourself and your friends as you all compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Sporting pie charts mirroring popular budgeting apps, Maiven is a fully functional budget app designed to connect you to your bank account and show how you spend and save week by week. With expenses broken down by category and time range there’s no way to forget what and when you bought. You can do a search for purchases to get a picture of your total expense history.

There is no one size fits all approach to budgeting and money management. Some people propose a 50/30/20 rule (that’s 50% needs 30% wants 20% savings). While others prefer a fixed vs variable expense breakdown. Still, others religiously track every expense category imaginable. That is all good fun at first, but that may not be for everyone. Maiven's goal is all encompassing. Maiven supports any method that works for the user in a fun and connected environment; like a good friend. And, friends don't let friends make bad financial decisions.


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