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Updated: Jul 17

The College Student’s Saving Solution

The college student budget is as redundant as it is limited. Chris knows this all too well, what with going into his senior year at a smaller University in the greater Los Angeles area. During his collegiate experience, Junior year hit him especially hard financially. Chris was living in an apartment with two buddies, playing in a band, leading a club, being in a new relationship, and on top of that was only working 7 hours a week. “My wallet is lighter than a pair of Air Jordan 34's,” Chris said. As a product of his surroundings, he naturally turned to his phone to solve his problems. Looking into apps such as Mint, Truebill, and Pluto, Chris quickly found that he was dissatisfied in their options. As a college student, an overwhelming majority of his cash was flowing into his school’s tuition. Chris wanted to know the ratio of his income and expenditures so he tried to utilize the skills acquired in his Accounting classes, in addition to these financial apps, but it seemed like that large amount of money dished out to school was confusing the app’s algorithm. After months of searching, Chris eventually gave up on financial apps.

57% of Gen Z has no Idea How Much they Have in Savings

Most of us are told that we can retire at the age of 65, but this is only feasible with smart and early financial planning. Studies have s

hown that Generation-Z, composed of young teens all the way up to 25 year-olds, are not yet thinking about savings accounts and investments. The reasons are obvious, “I am young and I will do young people things thank you very much. Talk to me about starting a 401K when I’m 40.” Perhaps their perspective would change if they could be directed to thinking about savings in a more creative, enjoyable way with an almost friendly competitive side to it. This would allow for a greater future for yourself and your family. In an article by Emmie Martin, the author discovered that 25 year-olds who invest $285 a month earning a modest 8% rate of return will have earned $1,000,000 by the time they turn 65. And they don’t even have to work for it! It’s like free money. All you’ve got to do is start saving early. However, waiting just five years, they would need to put aside nearly double that amount to reach the same end goal. That is why thinking about saving as early as in college or even before is an entrepreneurial and increasingly brilliant idea.

How to Make Saving Money Fun!

We love games, we play them all the time. If you were to add up all of the time World of Warcraft has been played, it would be longer than humanity has been around. Straight up! That is how much we love gaming. Now, imagine if you could compete against your friends in a competitive ARG (alternate reality game) that calculates your personal spending habits. A game that is directly linked to your bank account that keeps your data safe. This is the idea behind Maiven’s upcoming release scheduled for December 2020. Maiven’s plan is to release a game that combines excellent personal finance behaviors with a competitive edge of beating your friends and family, in budgeting! Chris and people like him who are interested in saving for their future will be able to securely and creatively save for their futures, and people who would not have

thought of saving money will discover that they have been proactively thinking about their future selves without even realizing it. All this while playing a game on their computer, tablet or phone. This is the future of personal finance, this is Maiven. Game over.


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